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“The Way Home” Project

Honor a family member or a friend that served in the U.S. Armed Forces with an engraved granite tile. The granite tile will be placed at the Veterans Memorial Monument located in Town Green Park. Funds will be used for tiles and enhancements on the Veterans Memorial Monument.

Only granite tile in honor of Veteran’s will be installed.
Special placement of those that are deceased
Inscription will be painted in White for those Missing in Action
Inscription will be painted in Gold of those Killed in Action

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Your inscription must fit into the white boxes below, 1 character per box. Each tile can have a maximum of 20 characters per line. A character is defined as a letter or number, a space or punctuation mark. Please do not use special characters. Use one form for each tile ordered.

2”x4” Granite Tile @ $200.00 each
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Veteran is deceased

Veteran was Killed in Action

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I do not wish to purchase a granite tile, but I would like to contribute to the project.